There’s rapid growth* in the eCommerce industry and experts project that sales figures are only going to increase. If you’re planning to open your own shop, now’s the perfect time to do so.

The eCommerce model is great for both starting and seasoned entrepreneurs – it is easy to setup, diversify, and expand.

Benefits of an eCommerce Business

Low Running Cost The fact that you don’t have to build/rent and maintain a bricks-and-mortar store already slashes a significant amount from your budget. Plus, you don’t have to hire additional staff to man your business. This allows you to invest more in improving your product and building your e-store.

Simple Set-up With the different tools available online, you can even set up your own business. The essentials are composed of the following: your business domain, website, hosting, payment gateway, and merchant account. Your site can be built using platforms such as WordPress, Magento, and Shopify.

Worldwide Customers Your shop is running even while you sleep as it caters to customers in different timezones. Unlike bricks-and-mortar businesses that rely on location to increase visibility and sales, an e-shop can sell globally without having to open multiple stores in different locations.

Online Marketing Ready Part of building a website is optimising it for search engine marketing. The web copy, product listings and photos can all be optimised easily for search. You also have plenty of advertising options, such as Google AdWords, Google Remarketing, and Facebook Ads.

AB Testing Your eCommerce site can be fitted with different tools that track customers’ interaction with your site. You can see which products/pages get the most clicks and dwell-time, and which products/pages have a high bounce rate. These figures will give you insight into what your customers want while improving user experience.

Your goal is to establish trust and credibility with your customers. You can do this by developing an appealing and navigable website that showcases your products well and creating content that is helpful to your customers. You can earn their trust in many ways, but listening to what they say and improving constantly are what build a loyal following.

eCommerce Set-up Made Easy

Ready to sell your products or services online? If yes, you’ll need an advanced solution that’s easy to use, secure and reliable. eCommerce is not just a website, it’s a business.

Bambrick Media’s eCommerce processes and delivery make it easy for you to manage your online store, offering customers an attractive website that is intuitive, simple to navigate and makes it easy to select items and pay for them.

A quality eCommerce website can empower and expand your business. Bambrick Media provides a solution that features the latest in eCommerce technology and gives your business the edge to outshine your competitors.

If you’re looking for a reputable company that can provide end-to-end service for your eCommerce business, you can count on Bambrick Media. We offer packages including hosting, web design and development, digital marketing and more. Talk to us about your eCommerce business today. Call us at (07) 3216 1151 or send a message through our Contact Form.