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Colour Michael Sherlock

Michael Sherlock

“Having worked with countless marketing and PR firms in my former position as the CEO of Brumby’s Bakeries, I find Bambrick Media refreshingly responsive and insightful. I’ve worked with Bambrick Media for years now and was really excited by the opportunity to involve them in my latest project at Sentinel Property Group.”

Colour Carla Cook

Carla Cook

“The team at Bambrick Media are a pleasure to work with because they are a local company that give us the opportunity to work alongside them on our campaigns and help us to execute all of our concepts and plans effectively. We really enjoy our regular strategy meetings and always feel welcome to put any of our ideas on the table.”

Colour Chris Slade

Chris Slade

“After our first meeting with Bambrick Media we were instantly impressed with their professionalism. We believe that Google Adwords will be of utmost importance for our survival in this difficult time. Bambrick Media are very good at what they do, and are always available to chat via email or phone call. I highly recommend them.”