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    Website Health Check

    First impressions are critically important and as your website is often the first point of contact that potential customers have with your business, it’s vital to put your best foot forward with a website that makes a great first impression. Users have increasingly higher expectations of how a website should look and perform, and won’t hesitate to leave your site and go straight to one of your competitors if the user experience provided isn’t up to scratch.


    Moreover, as your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts, there’s little point driving website traffic to your site with AdWords and Facebook ads if visitors will only stay a few seconds before abandoning it in favour of a site that delivers a superior user experience.


    Bambrick Media provides extensive website audits as part of our SEO services for Brisbane and interstate clients. We analyse all aspects of our clients’ websites to pinpoint areas that could be negatively affecting user experiences, resulting in high bounce rates and poor conversion rates. When we conduct an audit of your website, our SEO team includes the following in our scope:  



    • URL Structure



    Although URLs are a minor ranking factor for search engines, they do contribute to domain authority, which is an important ranking factor, and when well-crafted, help to improve the user experience. Including relevant keywords in a URL can enhance search visibility as well as inform users what they’ll see if the click on the link. With an informative, well-structured URL, users are more likely to click on your link in search results, so it may be advantageous to restructure your URLs to increase readability and improve the user experience.  



    • Navigation



    Website structure is often overlooked as a factor that affects Search Engine Optimisation but our SEO Brisbane team recognises it’s essential for a great user experience and one of the most crucial aspects of a website’s SEO performance. Googlebot and other crawlers find it easier to access, crawl, index and return pages to search results if a website has a strong site structure. Along with better crawling, good site structure provides sitelinks which offer great SEO and user experience benefits including increased SERP visibility and enhanced navigability.



    • Sitemaps


    Google loves sitemaps as they improve site crawling and enhance user experiences. There are two types of sitemaps, XML and HTML, both of which your website needs. XML sitemaps are for search engine spiders so they can extract important information about your site, whereas HTML sitemaps are written for visitors, enabling them to find the pages they’re looking for. When our Brisbane SEO team conducts website audits, we check check your current sitemaps and make informed recommendations about the best actions to take.    



    • Broken Links


    Broken links can damage your site’s SEO performance and detract from the user experiences it provides. When visitors arrive on your site they expect to certain content and if that content isn’t available to them, they may leave your site immediately, which increases the bounce rate and tells search engines your site isn’t providing positive user experiences. This eventually results in lower SERP rankings. As part of our website audit service, we identify broken links, find suitable URLs to redirect to, and provide you with a report for your web development team to implement.



    • Pagespeed/ Mobile Friendliness



    Page speed, or page loading time, is a signal used by Google’s algorithm to rank pages and it’s also crucially important for delivering great user experiences, which are essential for customer retention and conversions. The longer pages take to load, the less likely visitors are to stay on your site, reducing your chances of converting visitors to customers and putting your site at risk of a high bounce rate which could lead to poor SERP rankings. In the wake of Mobilegeddon, mobile friendliness is essential and Google has recently rolled out mobile-first indexing, further increasing the importance of making sites mobile-friendly. Along with Google’s Mobile Friendly Test, our SEO Brisbane experts use the latest tools to check your site’s page speed on desktop and mobile, and provide you with informed recommendations on the changes required.



    • CRO/CTA



    Having strong CTAs (Call to Action) on your site won’t aid SERP rankings, but they are vital for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation), which is gaining traction as one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Each page should have an easily identifiable CTA which tells visitors the action you want them to take and those CTAs, whether clickable phone number buttons, contact forms or content offers, need to work correctly. Our Brisbane SEO team will review your existing CTAs, make recommendations on how to strengthen them and suggest new calls to action for any pages which currently lack a CTA.  


    Bambrick Media is an established SEO company in Brisbane. We have helped over 500 local and interstate businesses get more for their digital marketing dollar with our SEO services that include website audits and keyword research. Interested in learning more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling (07) 3216 1151 or by sending the team a message via our Contact Form.

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