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    Google Remarketing

    What is Google Remarketing?

    Google Remarketing keeps you connected with potential customers who have visited your website or used your mobile app, but left without purchasing anything. They are aware of your product or brand’s existence, but they still need more convincing in order to purchase.

    Through remarketing, your ads are shown to these specific customers. As they browse the internet, your relevant remarketing ads pop up, reminding them about your product. When done in the right way, this strategy can greatly improve sales and conversions.

    Google Remarketing works as a follow-up, especially if the sales journey is quite long and challenging.

    How does Google Remarketing work?

    Basically, remarketing uses a special tracking code that places cookies on your visitors’ computers. Cookies have corresponding IDs that are stored in your remarketing list, which you can use to send ads to.

    You can set different parameters when setting up the tracking code. For example, you can gather cookies from customers who have visited a particular page or section on your website.

    When you are just starting out on your campaign, Google recommends that you target everyone who viewed your homepage.

    This type of broad range targeting may be costly because your ads are being directed to more people. Eventually, when your brand awareness has increased, you can target more narrowly.

    What are the benefits of Google Remarketing?

    Coupled with advertising, remarketing can greatly drive your sales and increase brand recognition. Through remarketing you can do the following:

    • Reach specific people who are likely to buy
    • Keep engaging customers who are interested in your brand but are yet to convert
    • Appear in over 2 million websites and mobile apps as targeted customers browse the internet
    • Control the budget by setting criteria and goals
    • Create text, image, and video ads for free with Ad gallery
    • Gather insights that you can use to improve ads and targeting

    Google Remarketing best practices

    Create Different Remarketing Lists – This will allow you to choose the group of people you want to target. Not only does this save you money by not blindly targeting everyone, but you’ll also increase conversions by targeting specific people.

    Keep Ads Relevant – Tailor ads based on the pages customers have visited, as this will more likely attract them to click. For example, if they have looked at the ‘sale’ section of your website, show them images of marked down products they would be interested in, instead of showing general text ads and images.

    Set Frequency Capping – This feature allows you to set how many times you’d like customers to see your ad in a particular time period. There is a possibility that customers would grow tired of seeing your ads and eventually develop resentment toward your brand. In most cases, it’s best to gently remind customers of your brand from time to time.

    Keep Ads Exciting and Compelling – Add value to your ads. Customers should think that there’s something in it for them as well. If possible, woo customers with offers and discounts such as free trials, free products with purchase, discount on first order, etc.

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