Google AdWords

About 83 percent of the Australian population is connected to the Internet. Nearly 62 percent of these users purchased goods and services online, and the numbers are continuously growing as mobile technology improves online shopping experience.

As a result, more and more businesses open shops in the world wide web. Competition is tough as businesses try to outrank each other on the first page of search results.

For a newly-launched business, it may take years to organically go up the rankings.

Organic search results appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to being advertisements

A quick and effective way to rank in search results is by using paid searches through AdWords, Google’s advertising network.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a target advertising initiative that can help your brand jump to the top of the rankings immediately. Your ads are seen by customers as they search Google for the product or service you offer. You only pay when customers click to visit your website or call.

Every time someone clicks on your AdWords advertisement, Google will charge you for that click

The cost per click varies on bids placed on key phrases used in search. The more popular a key phrase is, the higher the bid. Although cost is a factor, the highest bidder is not necessarily the one who gets the advertising spot.

Those whose products and services are most relevant to the advertisement are likely to get better positions and results. This is called the quality score.

Quality Score: Google looks at how useful your ad is to the searcher, how relevant your landing page is, and how many clicks your ad has received previously. 

If your quality score is high, even if your maximum bid is less than a rival bidder, you have better chances of winning the top spot.

Through Google Adwords, you can also target customers in specific locations. For example, you can set your ads to appear only in Brisbane, which not only lessens rival advertisers, but also helps you target the quality customers who will likely convert.

Why Choose Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is fast, flexible and great for varying advertising strategies. This includes things that you want to turn on and off, seasonal products, limited capacity products, new businesses, and very specific niche targeted campaigns.

AdWords only get better over time because you can keep optimising ads based on the data gathered.  

We recommend AdWords as the absolute strategy for immediate online lead generation, however for more long term or year round lead generation we recommend SEO based on the high ROI.

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