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    How Do I Transfer Registration Of My Domain Name?

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    If your domain was registered by your web developer, you may eventually require the domain registration to go back to you.

    You should first contact the existing register, however, if that isn’t possible, here are several things that you need to do to get your domain registered with your details, so that you can regain control.

    1. Gather together any supporting documentation that you have that proves you are the owner of the domain, including:

    • invoice from the person who registered the domain on your behalf
    • copy of your photo identification
    • copies of your correspondence with them that they have not responded to

    2. Contact auDA via their website and complete their complaint form:


    3. Fill out and submit the complaint form. It will take up to thirty days for auDA to investigate and get back to you.

    4. When you are able to change the registration details for the domain, please ensure that you include an up to date email address.


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