How To Prevent The Failure Of Your Website

In recent times Australia has seen a boom in the use of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Just about everyone you see these days either has an iPhone glued to their hand, can’t travel without their iPad or their PC has cobwebs due to its mobile successor.

How To Get The Best ROI From Your Marketing Strategy

As an internet marketing strategy, SEO places your product or service directly in front of target markets who are actively searching for it. As such, when done effectively, SEO undoubtedly offers the greatest return on investment for any marketing strategy. From a business to consumer standpoint it is indispensible. The vast majority of customers now begin their buying decisions with an online search, which means being top of the Google rankings is critical.

Battle Of The Brands - How Does Yours Stack Up?

The key to a great brand is consistency. A consistent brand communicates company values and helps to deliver trust and confidence to the consumer. The competition for better brand positioning intensifies as more companies go online to jumpstart their brands. Current strategies may not be as effective as before, and you may need to reposition your brand to keep up. If there's a lesson to learn from this all these, it's that smart planning is key in gaining the upper hand.

Is Your Brand Working As Hard For You As It Should Be?

Why do brands "work" for customers? Familiarity with making everyday choices reduces the risk of complicated buying decisions. Brands promise consistency - for example, McDonalds and KFC are prime examples - go anywhere in the world and customers know what to expect on the menu, value for money and fast convenient service. Can your business system consistently deliver the experience that your brand promises?

Why Ignoring SEO Is Killing Your Business...

Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) is a method commonly used today that works to improve the ranking of your website in the natural search engine rankings to grow the amount of qualified traffic to your website over time. SEO involves advanced website optimisation that follows the best practices as determined by the search engines and makes sure that your website is search engine friendly.

Branding VS SEO - What Is More Important ?

Anyone with a brand and a website trying to peddle their products or services wants their site to stand out amongst the rest in the complicated and cluttered universe of the World Wide Web. But one of the most common mistakes people are making is prioritising SEO over branding. The trouble is, the internet is so effective as a direct marketing medium that many businesses these days don't even consider the importance of a brand online. That's a big no no.

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