Increase Your Google Ranking In A Few Easy Steps

Have you updated your website's content lately? Do you have a blog? Or have you forgotten about it altogether? Incorporating and undertaking an effective and powerful content marketing strategy is extremely important in the digital world, especially if you want to increase your Google rankings and play to their algorithms.

Get Your Business On Google

Using Google Services to Verify your business is really important for your SEO strategy. It'll inch you closer and closer to your end goal - getting to the top of the ranks in Google!

Mobile & SEO Case Study - Is This Relevant For Your Website?

As technologies grow and evolve, so must your marketing strategy. With the number of people using smartphones and tablets almost reaching saturation level among those over 18, if your website is not responsive, you could be losing a whole entire market without even realising.

Congrats To The Highgate!

The Highgate has had an amazing success since they released their luxury apartments for sale. With such elegance, style and extensive thought gone into each element in their design, there's no wonder they've had such amazing success.

Drop Your Bounce Rate And Pull In More Business

Bounce rates are really important to measure, as they determine whether people are interacting with your site and finding it valuable, or not. It refers to when people leave your site almost instantly - if this is happening a lot then it is not good for your ranking in Google. It also means that you might have some issues attracting customers, and keeping them around to make that buying decision.

Why Changing Your Keyword Strategy Is Absolutely 100% Crucial In 2014

SEO has developed over the years as Google and consumers grow with the progression of the Internet. SEO used to be implemented in a way that was not user friendly, and did not create a good user experience. Now, all has changed to it's important that you ensure your strategy and website is up to date.

Can you survive a knockout blow from Google?

In this day and age, every second person has a mobile device, and they use it to search for products, services and information. Google's new algorithm could just knock you out of the game if your website isn't optimised...Can you really allow your website to remain unfriendly on a mobile device?

Digital Marketing - Could It Be More Important Than We Think ?

Is Digital Marketing More Important Than You Thought? If you are not online, your competitors are. They are stealing your customers, while you scratch your head and think it's the colour of your store, or that you play Leonard Cohen instead of Lady Gaga.

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