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    Get More Reviews with a Google Short Name 

    1024 1024 Bambrick Media

    Google has just added a short name feature to Google My Business (GMB), allowing businesses to create a custom short name…

    Optimising Your Site for SEO: What You Need to Know in 2019

    1024 680 Bambrick Media

    From greater opportunities to increase online exposure with rich and featured snippets to Google My Business’s new…

    Optimise Your Google My Business Listing for Success

    1024 576 Bambrick Media

    GMB listings are the largest ranking factor in local SEO with the importance of GMB listings as a ranking signal increasing…

    The No 1 reason Google Ads doesn't work

    The No.1 Reason Google Ads Don’t Work

    1024 573 Bambrick Media

    Learn the one single thing you must change to get your Google AdWords powerhouse fired up to explode your sales.


    What Is a Domain Authority (DA) Score?

    1024 578 Bambrick Media

    Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score which forecasts how well a website will rank in search engine results…

    How to profit from remarketing

    How To Profit From Remarketing

    897 499 Bambrick Media

    Revealing the secrets of remarketing to powerfully capitalise on your warm and primed website browers.

    2019 Marketing Budget Review

    Marketing Budgets — What To Cut & What To Keep

    634 356 Bambrick Media

    Those big marketing budget decisions just got a whole lot easier if you want record breaking results in 2019…

    AdWords Competitor Targeting — What Is it and Why Bother? by Bambrick Media

    AdWords Competitor Targeting — What Is it and Why Bother?

    1024 683 Bambrick Media

    The concept behind competitor targeting on AdWords is simple, and the practice can be…

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