Web DevelopmentBambrick Media are experts in website development. We build world class websites and virtual shopfronts using a creative and stylish conversion focused design. Our unique and dynamic approach means we can get your website up and running efficiently, no matter the size.

The virtual face of your brand

Your website is a virtual meeting place between you and your customer or prospect. You need a well-developed user friendly website that allows the visitor to immerse themselves in your brand and find what they were seeking.

Technical excellence at your fingertips

We have been developing websites for over a decade and know what works. We’ve built websites ranging from sophisticated e-commerce sites, to more modest informational sites. Our client base ranges from large companies to small business start-ups. There is no limit to our web development services. We guarantee a website developed by Bambrick Media will completely surpasses your expectations. 

We believe a website should:

  • Focus on the user: be easy to use, with easy to find information & have a simple transaction process with minimal clicks.
  • Be current: a website should have meaningful & relevant up to date content.
  • Be creative & unique: a website should be have the latest design technology that is stylish & functional.
  • Be optimised for search engines: so it’s easy for searchers to find on the web organically.
  • Generate income: a websites goal is to reinforce your brand & build relationships, creating conversions for your product or services.
  • Be the virtual face of your brand: your website is your online ambassador & something you should be proud of.

Building blocks to success

We build websites from the ground up. This way there aren’t any restrictions and your website is built exactly how you envisioned. We do not compromise. At Bambrick Media we use a tailored approach to suit your business’ exact needs. Our developers create or integrate with any system, to generate innovative and user friendly websites that give visitors a positive experience.



Website Packages

Basic Website Design Package

Basic Website Design Package From $2995.00 +GST (AUD)

The basic website design package is ideal for people getting started and is suitable for businesses with minimal products/services. This package provides you with a small and simple informational brochure-type website, with up to five pages. This package only has the essential fundamentals of a website, along with a simple and easy to use content management system. You can use the easy updater to upload images, update content and create blogs which can be pushed to various social media platforms. 

Advanced Website Design Package

Advanced Website Design Package From $3995.00 +GST (AUD)

The advanced website design package is ideal for people with more established businesses that have more information or require custom made content management system modules. This package provides businesses that have a mid-range level of products/services with a corporate website with up to 10 pages. You can enjoy the freedom of additional customised modules built to your requirements and enjoy the ease of being able to update content and website pages, upload photos and push blog posts out to various social media platforms. 

Premium Website Design Package

Premium Website Design Package From $4995.00 +GST (AUD)

The premium website design package is ideal for people that want an online store that can accept secure online payments and provides additional customised modules built to your specifications. This package is perfect for businesses that want to sell their products/services online with an encrypted gateway and multiple payment systems and offers everything you need for a fully functional online e-commerce store. 

Compare Website Packages

package name here
Basic Website Design Package
From $2995.00 +GST (AUD)
package name here
Advanced Website Design Package
From $3995.00 +GST (AUD)
package name here
Premium Website Design Package
From $4995.00 +GST (AUD)
Best Suited For... Simple brochure-like website with <5 pages Corporate website with custom modules and <10 pages Online store with custom modules and <30 pages
Content Management System (CMS)
Easily update your website using your web browser.
Responsive Design
Browser resolution adapts to mobile, tablet and desktop.
Latest Code
W3C compatible, CSS, PHP, MySQL and HTML5.
Easy Updater
Add, edit and delete pages, sub-pages and page content.
Create news items which can be pushed to social media.
Self-manage and showcase your imagery in a selection of albums.
Form Tracker
Capture website form submissions and track referring search phrases.
Custom CMS Module
Additional customised modules built to customer's requirements.
Google Analytics
Setup of tracking code and customisation of emailable reports.
Initial Search Engine Optimisation
Optimisation of content, metadata, links and submit to search engines.
Social Integration
Push blog posts to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
Professional Photography
Onsite professional photo shoot.
Professional Videography
Onsite professional film shoot.
Online eCommerce Store
Setup of shopping cart and integration with chosen payment gateway.